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Kashmir is suffering worst floods in a century. Millions are affected, thousands have died and many more rendered homeless.

Indian government claims to be doing best to rescue people and contain the crisis. However the situation on ground is entirely different. Victims and eye witnesses have posted hundreds of pictures and videos contradicting the government claims.

International aid and rescue offers have been decline by Indian government which is ill equipped to handle crisis of this magnitude.

People of Kashmir appeal to international community, UN, WHO & other countries to rescue millions who are stranded with no shelter, food, medicine, drinking water and electricity. The situation on ground if getting worst with imminent danger of epidemic and diseases.

We demand Access of international aid agencies to Kashmir

Kindly support our petition for the noble cause of humanity and saving millions of human lives. You support is invaluable and can make a big difference in this life and death situation.

Slides of flood damage:

Allow access of international aid agencies to Kashmir.

Called heaven on earth - Kashmir is devastated by worst floods in a century.

This conflicted Himalayan region and it's people are in urgent need of International aid and intervention to contain the crisis of mammoth magnitude.

Even though Indian media and news agencies show reports of best possible rescue, the realistic ground situation is completely different and common people are left at their own.

People of Kashmir need you attention and support to survive from the befallen disaster.

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