#Human Rights
President Bush
United States of America

Since Republicans have been in office, the US has seen several abortion clinics shut down due to funding cuts. Abortion should bean option for those who feel it is neccessary.
We should take the time to education women whoa re considering abortions on all the side effects it will have, but regardless, it should be an option for them. If someone is against abortion, they don't have to have one, but who is our government to decide whether or not abortions should be legal?
I strongly support president Bush and everything he is doing for this country, but until he becomes a scared and pregnant woman considering abortion, he shouldn't touch this issue and should not be cutting the funds for abortions,making them harder to get.

This petition is for those in favor of NOT cutting any more funding on abortion clinics, causing them to shut down. We recognize that as American citizens, we should have the right to choose!

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