#Children's Rights

Pastor Matthew Beckenham of Haberfield Baptist Church, found "Baby Joan" a newborn infant in freezing conditions in a cardboard box on the steps of the church. He was keen to have the little girl returned to her mother,but that wasn't possible.

He and his family want to adopt / forster this little one. The community services have placed a ban on the Pastor from visiting "Joan" and do not want him to adopt her.

This petition is to remove the ban and allow "Joan" to be adopted into the loving family that found her. PLEASE SIGN..

We, the undesigned, call on NSW Australian Community Services to remove the ban placed on Pastor Beckenham of Haberfield Baptist Church NSW seeing Baby Joan and allow him and his family to adopt her.

The ALLOW ABANDONED "BABY JOAN' TO BE ADOPTED BY PASTOR & FAMILY petition to NSW DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY SERVICES was written by Debra Morrison and is in the category Children's Rights at GoPetition.

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