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Heroin and prescription drug addiction has been declared a Public Health Crisis in the State of NH. The region of Carroll County from the Lakes Region to the tip of The Mount Washington Valley has minimal recovery services. There are no medical detoxification programs at Memorial Hospital or Higgins Hospital our community urgent care facilities.

There are only 12 soon to be 24 inpatient beds available in our region Carroll County and Coos County combined. The lack of Continum Of Care programs from medical/hospital detox to inpatient treatment to IOP (intensive outpatient programs) to sober living communities paints a dire future for recovery of addicts in our community. LADAC(Licensed Alcohol Drug Addiction Counselors ) are overwhelmed -overbooked and losing clients daily from overdose, incarceration and death.

Our young people are dying , local crime is estimated to be greater than 90% related to addiction(quoted by law enforcement agencies at a recent public health seminar) and families are broken. With no help on the horizon we petition our representatives to act and act now.

We the undersigned -Registered voters and proud resident of the communities of Carroll County call on all our state, local and federal legislatures to institute emergency funding to elevate recovery services in development and initiate/incubate inpatient and outpatient and sober living recovery services in Carroll County.

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