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The North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA

The American people have long-since come to what is now 13 Colonies and the Western Territory. Since before the fall of Native Dominance in Northern America, the earth had been a replenishing resource. However, when the settlers came, much concrete, and man-made life was damaged-to-create.

Shortly after taking the next few steps through history, the Roman Empire became the only falling Empire of the century. The battle between England and Scotland had come to shorten. Some may say, the Battle of the Alamo was a great accomplishment for the other 35 Provinces. Because we received such a large anthill. Most would say the war in Iraq was more significant because it involved Ancient Freedom from dishonorsble dictators and we all know about what oil means in Dubai, South America in general to a thriving concrete jungle like New York. When the deficit fell shy of 9 trillion as of 2002 market trend, it was bad enough to call it a recession. It was not the President's Office that was the problem, though many can speculate the potentially antagonistic choices that may or may not have been made. It was the campaigning to erase youth entertainment education that forced others to shorten the value of long-term investments.

When you cut out jobs for the youth, the web of life is minimalized into things like: credit-debt to education, no college loans (formal Occupy 2012 stated that Cannabis decriminalization and Student Loans were the target-audience. This was our plea to start the college loan count over again) larger automobile loans, bigger mortgage and even interest in the bank.

With the deficit ceiling reaching nearly +/- $13 Trillion dollars, our depression desperation inquired in hopes of assistance from the Golden Pacific Rim. Since receiving honorable support, we must know that there is a solution for our conflicts.

We, the honored and honorable do hereby declare the freedom of our people. In hopes to bring prosperity to the undergraduate classes and graduate unemployed, we petition that, returning the land of Texas back to the country of Mexico; a lovely region of Central-Latin America, on the continent of North America for compensation of the ancient mines of gold. In hopes to compensate for any land we shall dig up; this will also be a strong step forward for the honor of Spain VIA New Spain (Mexico) and the European lands of the Atlantic and eastward traders.

The Crown Prince of the Salish ( from a free country where masturbation is a ritualistic practice of honor at times, a democratic-conservative-individualist society and land of opportunity); where we invented the social use of the internet, doth hereby command the golden ores be bestowed amongst the dancers, and command honors to the monarchy to that of the Royal Family and the roles in which they play. As I run the land of the free to a success full repression and job-healthy community, we, a single entity, do hereby acknowledge that, without the youth employed, we do not circulate fiat properly and be it that of a burden to hire, we demand a job; not work. By giving 13 Trillion dollars of ancient ore (based upon age and about 13 tons..), We will create a newly restored credit that the system of fiat dispositioned. When silver shall not suffice, the ores of gold will tell its age and we shall begin relaying all things honorable in gold.

In return to zero on the 13 trillion dollar deficit, James Quinton Little will allocate 51 million dollars of ancient Spanish ore (courtesy of Spain From Mexico, Allocated to Italy and granted to Lake Stevens to the City of ... IN HOPES TO KICK-START a youth corporation, capable of handing back over 30 million jobs and defaulting altogether on student loan debt (Occupy 2011-2013). With such a market, we will stop the Texas murder rates, renew the demanded border restraint system and trade more professionally amongst other royal standards of the globe. Gold can be sold for any number and we, do hereby say: GIVE TEXAS BACK TO MEXICO FOR 13 TRILLION DOLLARS.

We, the Undersigned, do hereby grant this petition to order and motion to close.

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