#Animal Welfare

This petition has been made to further community awareness of Alley's story, so that future changes can be made before it is too late for other animals. What many people don't understand is that Alley would have survived, if someone had had the power to step in and take over temporary care of her.

It seems that the laws are unclear, and that it is not possible for anyone to intervene. There is too much red tape and passing the buck; Alley's health and wellbeing should have been a priority to the owner, but that wasn't the case, and, sadly, Alley was ultimately euthanased. Alley should have been seized, along with the owner's other 3 horses. We fighting to change the laws so that this would be possible.

We hope this petition can shape a new pathway for the RSPCA to improve its standards. (Former Premier) Rann changed laws that were dated by nearly 100 years, we are fighting to change the laws again.

Our objective is to obtain more power in these types of animal neglect and cruelty cases, and for animal welfare organizations to be able to immediately seize other animals in danger of neglect or cruelty.

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