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To get video platforms to enforce flash warnings for people with Epilepsy, a lot of people who are diagnosed with Epilepsy are sensitive to flashing lights and it can make them seize. We need to make all creators who use flash lights and colors put a warning! There are many people with problems on the internet. Seizures can be very dangerous, especially the people who have epilepsy and live alone. Even people with Cluster Migraines and Migranosis shouldn’t watch videos like that due to light sensitivity and fainting spells that come along with the disorder. I feel like if someone doesn’t put a warning and someone has a seizure because of it they should get sued. Due to liability of knowing that there are people who suffer with epilepsy, migraines, etc,

I agree that Video platforms should enforce users to put a flash warning, and if someone fails to do so, they should be sued if someone has a seizure.

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