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At the middle of the scale, a student from a family with an income of £37,500+ a year will get no grant and will probably not receive a bursary from their university. If they take out the full student loan, they will graduate after three years with a loan of £13,200 plus the £9,000 they will owe for their deferred fees.

Yet students from a working class background would need only to take out £1,500 a year in loan, giving them £5,200 a year to live on, not counting anything they may earn from casual work.

They would then graduate with a total student loan debt of £13,500, made up of £9,000 for fees and £4,500 for living costs.

It is not right that only some students are allowed a full tuition fee throughout their time at university. As students whose parents have a higher income will not receive as much as those on EMA, this loan will only cover their rent.

It is not right to discriminate against people by the amount that their parents make. Just because they earn over £30,000 does not mean that they can any where near afford to pay their child's education fees.

It is only right that every student is given the same rights and opportunities, no student should have to struggle their way through University working endless amounts of jobs. Whilst others do not even need to bother getting a job as everything is already paid for them.

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