I have been playing Facebook Poker for 2 years now and have won and lost well over a billion facebook poker chips by now. I enjoy playing facebook poker with my friends and family and I usually play from work when my boss isn't around.

One time I got so into a game that had a big pot of facebook poker chips on the line that I didn't pick up a telephone call from my boss and I got yelled at. Anyway, needless to say I'm a huge fan of Texas Holdem on Facebook.

I think Facebook should give all it's players of texas holdem a million free facebook poker chips to show their appreciation and just so everyone can have an all around good time. The facebook poker chips would be credited to everyone's account so that they are automatically there when they wake up in the morning. Imagine what a suprise that would be? You go to bed with 5000 facebook poker chips and wake up a million!

I think this would be a great idea because many players in the game have never known how much fun it can be to play with over a million facebook poker chips and it would add a ton of excitement to the game for the next week as players enjoy all their newfound chips.

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