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65 kids each year are kidnapped while on their way to or from school by strangers. Even more are kidnapped by family members that do not live with them as they are walking to or from school. With more and more sex offenders living among us, these kids in some cases are walking home passing unknown sex offender homes. As it was in MEMPHIS, TN Oct 2012, where a man kidnapped two children on their way home from school, this man was a convicted rapist and on the state sex offender registry.

Also in 2012 Jessica Ridgeway disappeared Oct. 5 while walking to school. The 10 year old was found dead 5 days later.

We need to protect our kids. We can help do that by having young kids bussed to and from school. It’s not full proof, but it is a start. In today's world it is becoming more and more unsafe for our youth to walk to and from school.

More than 65 kids are kidnapped each year while walking to school. As was the case in Colorado when a 10 year old was kidnapped while walking to school and found dead 5 days later or that in North New Jersey there has been more than 10 attempted abductions targeting children as then walk to school. Ages ranged from 8 to 13, both boys and girls.

We, the undersigned, call on the Governor of New Jersey to mandate that all schools are to bus all students in grades lower then 7th grade to and from school unless the parents drop their kids off and pick them up on their own.

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