#Civil Rights
Lebanese Parliment

Mr. Speaker, Members of Parliament

In accordance with Article 47 of the Lebanese Constitution, we bring this petition to your attention so that you apply the spirit and letter of the Constitution in order to end the prolonged vacancy at the head of the State. Our Constitution requires Parliament to "meet immediately and as of right" to elect the President (Art. 74), and requires each of you to "proceed immediately with the election of the Head of State without any discussion, or any other matter." (Art. 75).

We therefore request from every deputy that he fulfills as of right (Art. 73), without delay (Art. 74), and immediately (Art. 75), his or her constitutional duty to elect the head of state.

You will find enclosed the Constitutional declaration in which Humanist Lebanon develops the argument of the present petition. We join its signatories with the determination to bring to an end the country’s persistent deadlock resulting from the lack of enforcement of clear constitutional texts.

September 2016

We, the undersigned, request from every Lebanese deputy that he fulfills as of right (Art. 73 Of the Lebanese Constitution), without delay (Art. 74 Of the Lebanese Constitution), and immediately (Art. 75 Of the Lebanese Constitution), his or her constitutional duty to elect the head of state.

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The All deputies to meet and elect the head of state immediately. As per Lebanese Constitution. petition to Lebanese Parliment was written by Youssef Haidar and is in the category Civil Rights at GoPetition.