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In memory of all aircraft hijacked on the 9/11 attacks. If you ever have watched the movie, "United 93", you can see that weapons would be used. Knives, Glass, Etc.

Aircrafts Hijacked on that day:
American Airlines Flight 11 - B767 -Crashed Into The Northside Of The North Tower Of The WTC At 8:46AM

American Airlines Flight 77 - B757 -Crashed Into The
Pentagon At 9:37AM

United Airlines Flight 175 - B767 -Crashed Into The 78-85th floors of the south WTC tower at 9:02AM

United Airlines Flight 93 - B757 -Crashed Into A Field In Shanksville, Pennsylvainia (A field just 150 miles Northwest of Washington DC at 10:03AM

On September 11th, 2001, 2,974 people lost their lives that day. (If you would like the FULL history of the 9/11 attacks, the generous people at Wikipedia put together something for you. You can Find it below)


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If all aircraft had guns equipped or have Police Officers Onboard, The whole 9/11 event would probably not have happened. To prevent another terrorist attack (another 9/11 event), Flight attendants should have a safe or some sort of locked area that guns would be stored or some sort of one-hit kill weapon. This can save lives and prevent so many terrorist attacks! Think of how many people we could of saved. It could possibly get rid of discrimination completely toward the people who started all this mess. Supporting the safety of all passengers is what matters most.

Ever since 9/11 about 10-20% of passengers have been scared to fly ever since 9/11 fearing for their safety. If there is a cause out of what happens out of this petition, then it could save thousands of lives.

Also, In the movie, Flight 93, It Also Had A "Cockpit entry Knock" since passengers aren't on board until after they are ready to accept passengers, they could have some sort of security knock to let the pilots know there is a hijack. Guns also should be in there so it could just be over with.

We, The Undersigned, Bring Attention To The Airline Companies To Have Guns/Weapons Onboard All Aircraft In A Locked Secure Safe, Onboard The Aircraft.

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