#Animal Welfare
United Kingdom

On Sunday the 14th February 2016 my sister in law and mother in law were walking home, when my sister in law was attacked by a chow chow for no apparent reason.

Her injuries were an 8 inch open wound to the calf of her right leg down to the town. The dog also tried to get her arm but luckily failed to do so. This was the injury it caused to an adult, a child would probably have died.

A chow chow is known as an aggressive dog- it's characteristics are it is a 'one person dog" it forms a very strong bond with one person (usually the owner) and is ferocious around strangers who it sees as a threat to it's owner. It is a good guard dog, but can bite without warning and they are tenacious fighters.

The dog in question was roaming freely away from its owner without a lead. for whatever reason this dog turned and attacked. these dogs are far too unpredictable not to be on a lead and muzzle at all times in public places.

We, the undersigned, call on the government to change the law and ensure chow chows and other breed of dangerous dogs are kept on leads and muzzled in public places.

We need assurance that our children, family, friends and neighbours are able to walk freely and safely without the fear of being attacked by one of these dangerous breeds.

They are too unpredictable not to have to be controlled when out in public.

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