#Animal Welfare
Australian Chicken Farming Industry

Current Australian Laws allow for 630 thousand chickens to be brutally treated and killed every week all for the benefit of having plentiful supply at a ridiculously cheap cost.

If we don't take a stand now, it is not only the chickens futures that are in jeopardy, but our own!

Do not be fooled, factory farms do not have the picturesque lifestyles that many companies make us believe in. Don’t buy into cruelty and join us by taking a stand against animal cruelty and sign this petition to stop encouraging factory farming in Australia!

We the undersigned youth of Australia petition to take a stand against Factory Farming by:

- placing the welfare of the chickens before our own wallets

- speaking out about factory farming to the public and asking for more involvement and support

- not eating factory farmed chicken, and only buying certified organic chicken therefore refusing to financially support factory farmed cruelty!

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