#Neighborhood Living
Dearborn County Commisioner Indiana
United States of America

Last Sat. morning 8/10/2012 my 25 pd. 12 yr old dog was attacked by a pack (3) 80 pd husky's they tried to kill my dog 3 people had to beat those dogs with rakes, sticks and broom handles to get them to release my dog from their death grips.

My dog survived but he is maimed for the rest of his life. I want these dogs to be at the least muzzled while outside, and beware of dog signs posted on their property and their property lines need to be marked.

What if it was a small child?

I know I said earlier that Barney had survived the attack but he lost his fight to live on August 21, 2012. He was just to old he just couldn't recover. When those dogs picked him up and bit down on his back, shook him and threw him across the yard it must have did too much damage inside. He spent his whole 12 years trying to make me happy and he spent 11 days trying to make me happy one last time but he just wasn't strong enough. when I took him to be euthanized and I thanked him for the last 12 yrs. that he had given me so much more than I had ever gave him he licked the tears off my cheek as if he was saying it's alright Mommy i know you did everything you could for me. Today is 1/18/2013 it has been almost 5 months that I had to bury my best friend and the people that own those dogs have not even apologized to me for my lose.

I had to hold my dog as the life went out of his little body and I will never forget how that felt. I miss him just as much today as I did the day he died. I can only hope that you the Commissioners can sympathize with my familiy's loss.

We, the undersigned, call on The Dearborn County Commissioner to alert the family who own a pack of attack dogs who live on Log Cabin Road in Lawrenceburg, IN. that we would like to have those dogs muzzled when outside, and that they post "Beware of Dogs" signs on their property and their property lines marked so the neighbors know where their property begins and ends.

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