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United States of America

Marijuana prohibition has not worked. The War on Drugs has proven to be not only an abysmal failure, but a drain on public resources. Neighboring states such as Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Virginia and even Mississippi have taken measures to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal & recreational purposed. Alabama, with the state's budget shortfall, is well positioned to financially benefit, if and when the voters of Alabama were to approve general marijuana decriminalization. A handful of states including California, Colorado, Washington and Canada have already legalized the growth, possession and sell of marijuana for responsible adult recreational use. Alabama should be among them.

We the undersigned petitioners, being American citizens and legal residents of the State of Alabama do hereby petition the following. 1.) Place upon the ballot of the General Congressional Election of November 2024, a ballot question authorizing general decriminalization of marijuana in Alabama. 2.) Allow for the legal installation, operation and sell of medicinal marijuana and cannabis derived products. 3.) That the age of sell, possession, use and delivery of said products be set at the constitutionally mandated age of majority 19. 4.) That the private growth, possession or use of marijuana for adult recreational and especially medical use be decriminalized throughout the state. 5.) That taxes on recreational marijuana be set, by the state and municipal government to raise funds in accordance with their budget needs. 6.) The creation of a State enterprise which shall be known as the Alabama Marijuana Corporation, which shall a.) sell marijuana as to raise state revenue b.) ensure that medicinal marijuana be available for those chronic patients in need c.) lawful growth and delivery of medicinal marijuana to medical facilities, clinics, caregivers and patients throughout the state. d.) provide safe and legal alternatives for legal aged (19+) adults seeking to purchase and responsibly use marijuana. 7.) Creation and funding of a medical marijuana research at institutions of higher education, hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities in Alabama. 8) Creation, research, development, use and patenting of cannabis derived medicines including but not limited to Marinol, Sativax, various cannabinoid treatments. 9.) That revenues raised via recreational and medicinal marijuana, along with state enterprises, be re-invested into the general fund. 10.) That marijuana related crimes and prior convictions, of a non-violent, non-coercive nature, be hereby expunged from Criminal Code and the Judicial Record upon passage of this amendment, no later than January 1st 2025.

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