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July 18, 2006

Airsoft is a sport of simulated armed combat.

It is very much like paintball, and in fact is often played on paintball fields. Exept An Airsoft BB is a lightweight piece of plastic. They are shot by gas or electric operated guns.

Typically the BB has an exit muzzle velocity of 300 to 500 feet per second (depending on the gun), with most under 400. This is higher than paintball velocities, but the plastic BB has a tiny fraction of the mass of a paintball and therefore very little kinetic energy.

So why haven't you heard of Airsoft before?

The sport is very big in Asia, but is relatively unknown in Australia.
Yes. Airsoft is dangerous. So is skateboarding, or jogging down the street. Or any sport on the known universe. But it is not especially dangerous.

1. Airsoft is a legitimate sport and hobby, why is it banned in Australia? I The firearms registry responds to phonecalls with a sloppy answer along the lines of "because the guns look like the real thing and because they are dangerous to eyes" This is an insult to your inteligence, compitence and freedom to choose alternative recriational activitys!

2. Airsoft players are normal people. Accountants, dentists, CEOs, factory workers, whatever. It is fun and exiting game and in some aspects it is better than paintball. (Paintball is fine. Don't get me wrong. But the weapons are awkward and you cannot really get the full military immersion with one of these bizarre "weapons" at your side. In Airsoft, you are decked out like the real thing.)

3. Although I own Airsoft weaponry I do not own, nor intend to own, a real gun. I have no interest in them. So why do I have to jump through the same hoops of getting a REAL gun licence and an expensive gun safe (If I want to keep my TOYS at home). Airsoft is fun. Its pretend. It's playing soldier in the back-yard, only as an adult and with cooler toys.

What I would like to see is Airsoft brought back to Australia, or at least a separate PERMIT made avaliable, specificly taloring to the needs of Airsoft. This would enshure the people behind triggers are responsible and just there to have fun.



This petition was not writen by me, Songwut. I'm supporting this into a greater debate. Please don't get me wrong, i've provided the original site to show that i've copyed the petition for supporting purposes only, not to cliam to be mine.



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