Heyworth School Board (H.U.S.D. #4)
United States of America

The current Heyworth Grade School building, in Heyworth Illinois, was built around the original gymnasium in 1992. As the community continues to grow at a rapid pace, new wings are being added. The most recent wing, containing four kindergarten classrooms was added in 2005. These windows only open to a maximum of eight inches.

Despite the newness of the building, air-conditioning was not in the plan. Currently, only the school's office and computer lab are air-conditioned with window units. With school beginning in mid-August each year and ending in early June, the classroom temperatures soar to the mid-nineties, before the heat index.

Teachers and students are suffering miserably through the heat, which is not at all conducive to a learning environment. Teachers have difficulty speaking over the loud fans which blow around the hot air around the room. Students, have difficulty concentrating and hearing lessons. The classrooms smell of sweat and tempers are short due to the dangerous heat levels.

Several years ago, teachers banded together and offered to purchase their own window A.C. units, only to be denied their request due to the potential electrical expense and the poor appearance of so many window units around the building.

The school houses pre-K through 6th grade, which totals 609 students and staff in this non-air-conditioned building. Heyworth's Jr./Sr. High School building houses 447 students and staff, yet it is air-conditioned. The Jr. High section of the building has window units, while the recently constructed High School portion of the building has a central air system.

Currently, the administration is spending over two million dollars of TIF money to improve the high school football field. To date, it has already gone $25,000 over budget.

Heat exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration are primary concerns of the teachers, parents and other Heyworth citizens. Secondary concerns are the general discomfort and compromised learning environment for all parties involved.

For the safety, comfort and education of our students and staff, we, the undersigned, humbly request to the H.U.S.D. #4 School Board that they accommodate the entire Heyworth Grade School building with air-conditioning no later than July 30th, 2008.

We, the undersigned, call on H.U.S.D. #4 School Board to provide a completed air-conditioning system to the current Heyworth Grade School building.

For the safety, comfort and quality education of our students and staff, we, the undersigned, humbly request that air-conditioning be provided for the gym, library, cafeteria and every classroom, restroom and hallway, by no later than July 30th, 2008.

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