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His Excellency, the Governor of Madhya Pradesh and Hon'ble Chief Minister of M.P.

State Government of Madhya Pradesh, is playing with the fundamental rights of people most of whom are poor tribals, at Omkareshwar area of the state. Taking benefit of the century old land acquisition act, state first acquired land of thousands of people most of whom are tribals with an obligation to resettle all the ousted families.

Rampant corruption at the lower level officials resulted in unfair dealings, there by depriving many families their legitimate rights. Even by the intervention of the Hon’ble High Court of M.P. and also Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, has failed to do justice with many of those families. The state police to forcibly uproot many villages in the past few years has also committed the brutalities. Promises like land for land and cash compensation for the losses suffered are also in serious disputes but the authorities are not interested to listen to the difficulties of the people and goes ahead with the project of construction of famous dam known as Indira Sagar Dam.

Thousands of activists of Naramada Bacaho Andolan and over 12000 oustees from the affected villagers are agitating by holding sit in demonstrations. Few of them are on indefinite hunger strike till their demands are not fulfilled. This has already entered 14th Day, when this petition is being drafted. Condition of a Krishnabai a women, has deteriorated in last 24 hours.

The affidavits filed before the High Court and Supreme Court by the state Government of Madhya Pradesh and also by Narmada Hydro- Development Corporation have proved wrong as water has started to submerge those villages which were stated under an oath that it would not be submerged. Such five villages are already vacated and water has further reached to other villages, which are under threat of being submerged any time with increase in water level.

It is the constitutional obligation of the state government to address the genuine problems of the villagers at the earliest, but are not doing anything that can resolve the difficulties or address the problem, which has been created by the failures of their own officials. Even demonstrations and hunger strike has fallen on their deaf ears. The strong resolve of the villagers and activists with firm determination is to see that their genuine demands are met at the earliest or lay down their lives by being submerged in the gradually increasing height of water level. Government has failed to discharge its lawful duties to protect the life and property of its citizen.

A petition to His Excellency, the Governor of Madhya Pradesh and also to Hon’ble Chief Minister of M.P. may save precious lives of those agitating people who are demonstrating with hunger strike and also few others in the submerging areas determined to sacrifice their lives.

Activists of Naramada Bacaho Andolan can be reached at 2, Sai Nagar, Mata Chowk, Khandwa, M.P., Phone : 094259 -28007, 094253 – 94606 :: E-mail : nobigdam@bsnl.in Key Persons: Shri Bhagwan Mukati / Alok Agarwal / Chittaroopa Palit / Krishnabai

We, the undersigned, are upset to learn that your government is going ahead to fill the reservoir at Omkareshwar despite the fact that about 30 villages will also be affected with water submerging many areas in those villages.

It is understood that by filing an affidavit the State of M.P. and also the NHDC authorities, have assured the High Court of M.P. and Supreme Court of India, under an oath naming those 30 villages which will not be affected where as the reality is that five such villages have been forcibly evacuated and water has reached at few other villages which are facing threat of being submerged very soon.

We are also disturbed to learn that despite the Relief and Rehabilitation package has not reached to many with complaints of serious lapses caused due to the arbitrary decisions of corrupt officials, Fact that the complaints and grievances of many oustees have not been heard or addressed have all resulted in mass agitation in the past many a times. Despite the intervention of the Hon’ble High Court of Madhya Pradesh and also Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, government of Madhya Pradesh have not done enough that can restore the faith of the oustees towards the government.

It appears that the Government of Madhya Pradesh has no respect for the fundamental rights of the people nor has any concern to the genuine difficulties of the affected people, who have fallen victims due to inept handling of the situation. Even despite 22 familes are agitating on their land which has been submerged despite an affidavit that water will not enter those areas is a very serious issue. It is surprising that despite of these great difficulties, your government has been a silent onlooker to their tragedies.

Under the circumstances, We, the signatories to this petition appeal to you to please take immediate steps to ensure that the genuine difficulties of the affected persons are immediately addressed.

Please also ensure that all the matters of R & R package are solved amicably at the earliest and also ensure that water level at the reservoir is not raised to such a level that water enters those areas which has been stated under an affidavit before the Hon’ble High Court of M.P and also Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

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