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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF).

Casualities of Agent Orange or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-induced suicides do not fall under the criteria that permits names to be placed on the Vietnam Wall Memorial located in Washington D.C.

My father passed away on November 27, 2003 (Thanksgiving Day) from Lung Cancer that was caused fro Agent Orange, he had served two terms in Vietnam. Although he he did not die in the "Designated Combat Areas" his death was a result of that war.

I view this as no difference between the two. The facts remain the same - my father passed away serving his country.

We, the undersigned, petition to allow veterans that have passed away from a terminal illness caused by but not limited to Agent Orange while in combat during the Vietnam War, to have their names be placed among their peers and comrades on the Vietnam Wall Memorial located in Washington D.C.

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