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Aged care currently lacks a standard ratio of carers and clinical staff to elderly and disabled residents. This means all facilities run different, and apparently 1:8 carers and 1:25 for one EN is a good number. Aged care needs a national standard ratio of carers is 1:4. This would provide quality holistic care to the elderly members of our community. It would show respect and dignity and allow staff to carry out their work in a satisfying manner. This needs to happen as soon as possible. Aged care staff are loyal but tired and underpaid. We need a change

Australian MP for aged care

We ask for change to the staffing ratios in aged care. There is currently no national standard. There needs to be a national standard of 1 carer to 4 residents. This would provide quality care. This needs to be put in place across the board and isn't hard to make it happen. Aged care is not improving when staff are not staying long term because of the low pay rate for carers and nursing staff. Our elderly deserve committed and trained staff to carry out their personal needs. This ratio would allow dignity to those most vulnerable in the community. Please help us to change aged care into a strong industry that focuses on the patient and not the shareholders and their profits

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