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Far from being the gallant hero portrayed, Mr Mandela was in fact a terrorist. We find it odd, that in these very dangerous times, we are asked to commemorate a terrorist.

This nation has suffered, due to terrorism on many occasions, it is therefore almost beyond believe, that our leaders even consider this act. Mr Mandela, co-founded, “Umkhonto we Sizwe” becoming leader, this terrorist organisation then went on to indiscriminately bomb, “soft targets”, is this any different from contemporary Islamic terrorism.

We would ask that this proposed statue, not be erected, in this a nation that has suffered so much.

To erect this statue, is both an affront to the British people, and an insult to the many victims of Mr Mandela’s “Umkhonto we Sizwe”. Thank you.

It has come to our attention, that the Mandela statue has been erected, whilst opposition to it has been silenced. The UK government, have taken down a petition, calling for the statues relocation, thus denying many within the population, those that call into question, this statues necessity, a voice. We would ask, that this statue of the terrorist Nelson Mandela be relocated, further, the imposition of this statue, has been enforced purely for political reasons, rather than to celebrate a person of note. There are many individuals, much more worthy of this honour, than Mr Mandela, who is both a terrorist and an individual that has contributed nothing to this country.

Thank You.

We, the undersigned, do not believe that a Nelson Mandela statue should be erected in our capital city, we request its relocation to a more suitable environment.

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