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This petition encompasses all that the government attempts to stop people using their cars and use public transport instead.

Firstly, I would like to say that in principle, we should be driving more environmentally friendly cars, making short journeys by foot etc, BUT that is a virtual world, with limited thinking.

Hence, the government has decided to tax unreasonably and go against the average motorist by labeling everyone with the same brush. How is this fair?

Also where is all the money raised from motorists through fuel duty, road tax etc used? Why such a small proportion? Doesn't the public deserve better?

The government has tried to get us into a deadly circle whereby we are forced to agree to whatever they impose on us [public]. During the recent fuel protests, the turn out was low as people just couldn't afford to take the day off. If they did then they would struggle as the cost of living is ever increasing at a faster rate then their respective salaries increase.

This petition is limited and does not touch upon other areas whether directly/indirecty related to motorist welfare. This includes encouraging more students into higher education so that a greater number can go into research areas to help develop more efficient technologies.

My apologies for this long text, however, I urge the people to make their voices heard...that is how the road charging scheme was put on hold, and it demonstrates that we have more power than we think if we just all work together and that the government will listen!!

Please by all means add what you feel.

We, the undersigned, request a more realistic and understanding approach to the treatment of motorist - that includes anyone using the public roads.

We feel that we are being discriminated against and treated unfairly given the revenue generated from our taxes. We would like to see a public report, broken down, of where the money is spent over the past few years.

We would also like to be trusted more in terms of our actions, such as speeding, and not be constantly supervised. This "nanny-state" of affairs should be avoided at all costs so as not distant the public relations and hide the real issues just to fill government pockets.

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