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We address you to require your support to answer in a humane, civilized and European spirit the problem of the stray dogs, in ROMANIA.

These poor animals, guilty only to have been born, arrived in the streets given the incompetence and the lack of responsibility of the authorities (which took no measure to stop their uncontrolled breeding and their abandon), and also due to the lack of civic education of the citizens that gives way to acts of cruelty hard to imagine or accept, paradoxically, encouraged even by the authorities themselves, creating monsters of the executants and an immense sufferance as well to the animals as to the animal lovers.

At present, given the absence of a clear and precise legislative frame that would not leave room for interpretation, but also because of all the above mentioned reasons, on the streets of Romania are millions of stray dogs. They are not sterilized and breed, they starve and become a real danger, and they are not medically treated, or vaccinated, becoming thus a centre of contagion. IN A SHORT WHILE THE ERRADICATION OF THESE ANIMALS WILL BEGIN !!! THE CARNAGE BEGINS !!

The legislation in force in Romania is left to the mercy of the Administration for the Surveillance of the Animals, basically to the dogcatchers, and so it is the life and death of the stray dogs or the sufferance of the people sharing the poverty with these poor animals, spending their time and money, to be often aggressed even physically for their good will and for their humanity. The life threatening triggered by these laws generated unprecedented acts of cruelty, especially where children and teenagers are concerned, which is especially a worrisome fact.

Although in the current legislation Law no. 9/2008 – Law for the modification and completion of the Law no. 205/2004 concerning the protection of the animals, Law no. 227/2002, forbid the eradication of stray dogs, these animals are barbarically kill… mercilessly!!!

Animal lovers are entitled to an opinion, too. We dare believe that us, people with a civilized behavior do not hate, do not accept violence regardless how it is manifested and against what or who it is manifested and we respect all forms of life, we constructively get involved in the life of the civil society, we are the ones to be listened to, encouraged and consulted when the decisions concerning the life of the city are taken.

The authorities motivate their actions by the observation that in Romania animal lovers are a minority. As a consequence, since we are a minority we require to be granted the protection of rights as any other minority. And in the event we are a majority, and we do not believe anyone responsible can take the chance to infirm this truth casting the anathema of barbarianism on the Romanian people, aspiring to be considered a European people, then our opinion must be considered.

For this reason, we pledge to dispose against the eradication of stray dogs in Romania, and for the promotion of an ordinance in the spirit of the Universal Declaratio of Animal Rights, proclaimed at Paris, on the 15th of October 1978, of the International Treaties to which Romania has adhered, of the European and International Legislation and, with the consultation of the NGOs for animal protection, as representatives of the civil society (especially that of the animal lovers), the only ones familiarized as well with the problem as with the solutions to it, such as:
- the stop to the abandonment by the obligation of castration of stray dogs and cats of ordinary race, as of the other races without breeding rights, at present the offer greatly overwhelming the demand in Romania, from one edge of the country to the other;
- the continuation of the castration of the stray dogs and the returning in territory only of the healthy and gentle ones, as the aggressive, ill and infirm ones ought to be undertaken by the NGOs (answering to the requirement of both the animal lovers and non-lovers) in Romania, from one edge of the country to the other;
- the post on the Internet sites of all the state and private institutions involved in this matters, of all the institutions of public interest the expenses related to the activity and administration of the matters relater to the life of stray dogs (treatments, vaccination, sterilization, food, etc.), wages, the program of the personnel and of the doctors, the substance used for their care (with their specifications, for instance, if they are toxic or not), the amounts of money allocated, their source, the number of dogs captured, disinfested, sterilized, adopted, euthanatized;
- and, the real and transparent collaboration with the NGOs, civil society, and with the citizens who by their vote empowered you to represent them.

In order to be able to detail the motives of our approach, and convinced that you will agree with its legitimacy, we ask you to grant us with an audience with the participation of the representatives of the animal protection NGOs from the country and abroad, of the media, of the citizens, whether they love animals or not, offering thus the possibility of the democratic exercise of the right at opinion and audience.


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