#Local Government
all taxpayers in Waterloo Region, Ontario

The Region of Waterloo recently approved a $790 million plan for light rail transit (LRT). This will have a major tax impact on everyone in the Region – even those who never take mass transit. Cost overruns and annual subsidies will all be borne by local taxpayers.

Waterloo Region would be the smallest municipality in Canada with an LRT, and it lacks a major downtown employment core. The LRT will turn King Street and other streets into rail corridors. For much of the route, King will be reduced to one lane of car traffic each way.

There will be no parallel parking, and left-turns will be impossible. This will reduce accessibility and have a negative impact on many businesses.

We, the undersigned, are supportive of improvements to the public transit system in Ontario's Waterloo Region, but we are opposed to Regional Council's plan for light rail transit for reasons including cost, appropriateness and feasibility.

We hereby request that the senior levels of government provide support and funding to the Region of Waterloo for improved bus transit only.

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