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Hoblingwell Wood is a recreation ground in the St Paul’s Cray area of Orpington in the London Borough of Bromley. The council have been approached by a private company called Woodland Environmental Ltd with a plan to ‘regenerate’ the park and some of the associated woodland.

The key issue is that to do this, the recreation ground will be used to dump ‘inert’ landfill material for a year and then landscape afterwards. A proposal has been made to improve the existing football and rugby pitches and to take some other measures which will supposedly prevent issues related to cars and motorbikes by the use of mounding (’bunding’ is the term for it apparently).

There are a good many issues with this, the key ones being: (a) disruption and loss of the recreation ground for a year or more (b) no guarantees (or insufficient guarantees) that the ‘nice’ part of the scheme related to the landscaping and sports pitches will be done satisfactorily, (c) pollution, noise and damage to the local area, and (d) no guarantees that the finished product will be maintained any better that present and that we end up with genuine improvements that warrant the disruption.

Local residents are calling on London Borough of Bromley to reject the Hoblingwell Wood recreation ground regenration scheme and call on the council to look at other possible improvements that do not require landfill.

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