East Lothian Council Leaders
United Kingdom

East Lothian Councils new administration are yet again attempting to impose Coastal Car Parking charges on residents and visitors.

In 2009 a public consultation was carried out where the public overwhelmingly voted against the use of Coastal car park charges for East Lothians beaches and therefore the council had no option but to "not impliment this scheme".

In 2010 the Council once again tried to introduce this , but this time without full publicised public consultation. However, pressure from the clubs, organisations and public who use these beaches once again overturned this.

Please once again support this petition and campaign by signing this petition where you agree that East Lothian Car Parking charges should not be introduced at ALL our beaches.

We, the undersigned, call on East Lothian Council to stop the introducing of Coastal car parking charges to ALL beaches within East Lothian.

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