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City of Indianapolis case# 2018DV2031
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On the corner of Plainfield Ave and Gerrard Dr Indianapolis a variance of development standards of the consolidated zoning & subdivision ordinance to DISAGREE of a 6 FOOT TALL privacy fence in the front yard of Plainfield Ave (MAXIMUM 42-INCH [3 1/2] FENCE IS PERMITTED) As in, City of Indianapolis Chapter 731 Dwelling Districts Zoning Ordinance and as well in the Department of Code Enforcement (317)327-4622 Indy.gov/RequestIndy states... ANY STRUCTUAL BARRIER IN THE REQUIRED FRONT YARD SHALL NOT EXCEED 42 INCHES IN HEIGHT

I am asking anybody and everyone, for the safety of drivers, walkers, and or motorcyclist to PLEASE SIGN this petition of a hazardous 6 foot tall fencing in the front yard of Plainfield Ave. 1404 S Gerrard Dr Indianapolis In 46241 (MAXIMUM 42-INCH FENCE PERMITTED. Making view of pulling out off Gerrard onto Plainfield Ave or as pulling onto Gerrard ave as that is a bus stop for children.
There is a public hearing of the metropolitan board of zoning appeals scheduled for TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11,2018 AT 1:00 PM, IN the BEURT SerVed PUBLIC ASSEMBLY ROOM on the 2nd Floor of the CITY -COUNTY BUILDING, 200 E WASHINGTON ST INDPLS,

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