Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists Members

Let’s unite and work together with a strong voice through our unions.

Professional performers have so many contracts coming up in 2008 that it’s extremely important for working actors to come together and get involved in negotiations.

It is critical that performers focus on our common interests. You know that the employers would love to see actors in disarray as we come to the bargaining table.

With so much at stake, including use payments from new media platforms, we must be united at the bargaining table.

That's why AFTRA is supporting the grassroots efforts of working actors who developed an "Open Statement of Unity" to keep performers strong and united. More than 1,500 performers have already signed the statement that's been published in "Variety", "The Hollywood Reporter", and "Back Stage". See the list of performers at http://www.aftra.com/press/pr_2007_10_09_unity.html#2.

AFTRA and SAG members are encouraged to demonstrate support for these courageous women and men who stepped up to promote unity at this critical time by signing the Open Statement today.


As performers working and living in America, we know that we are stronger together as our jobs, careers, and lives have progressively improved by collective actions through our unions.

Accelerating changes in the entertainment industry, from the consolidation of media companies to the use of new media, make it imperative that all performers continue to work together through both of our unions to negotiate better agreements with the employers.

Yet, there is an increasing threat to our unity, as a faction among us seeks to split actors by focusing on our differences rather than our common interests. These actions only embolden our employers to exploit a perceived fissure in our community—and can only make the upcoming negotiations for both AFTRA and SAG much more difficult.

We, as members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild, appeal to our fellow actors to come together with one strong voice through both of our unions as negotiations approach.

We must:

1. Recognize and embrace the diversity of opinions that exist in our community of actors—and work together in a rational, collegial manner to find our common voice. We cannot allow arrogant and aggressively hostile attitudes to divide us.

2. Keep Phase One, our agreement to bargain together, in place as it has been since 1981 with one member, one vote. Joint negotiation of our agreements benefits all performers.

3. Continue to work toward merger of our two unions.

It’s a changing world. That’s why we—actors who are proud to be members of both AFTRA and SAG—call on all performers to unite and work together for positive change with our strong voice through our unions.

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