All Members of Australian Federal Parliament

The near hysterical reaction, by new Australian Government politicians, to government debt levels and deficits, is causing serious fear of the Federal Budget amongst the voting public. This is unnecessary, as vast wealth and stratospheric incomes exist to solve these problems and they are not being taxed at anything like adequate levels.

Nor is it necessary to solve deficit and debt problems overnight. Most experienced accountants and economists would recommend stabilizing the debt by reducing deficits reasonably promptly, then reducing debt over a period of years. Victimisation of the poorest quarter of the Australian population to solve economic problems is completely unwarranted.

Voters are entitled to believe that politicians who make promises in order to gain enough votes to win government will deliver on those promises regardless. When they will not do that, it is time for voters to unleash their power to persuade or replace those politicians and governments. Poor, struggling & reasonably well-off voters vastly outnumber the rich ones. In democracy votes, not wealth, rule.

Please ensure that the 50% richest and highest income earning individuals and businesses in Australia – corporations, trusts and people – bear the burden of balancing the federal budget and clearing government debt and please spread this action over the next 5 to 10 years.

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