#Law Reform
South Australian Attorney general "Michael Atkinson" & the Australian OFLC.

This is a much tired argument but we seriously need an R rating in Australia for video games as everyone knows. I have written countless letters to the SA attorney general, OFLC etc. Nothing does any good.

It's time Australian gamers started writing a shitload of letters cos it's the only way we're going to see an adult rating for games in this country! I'm sure you're all sick of being told what you can & can't play right?

I am sick to death of these STUPID & totally clueless, human rights groups, polititions, religious groups & so called EXPERTS saying,
"Oh think of the children, they are playing these violent games!".
"Ban these games because we don't think they are suitable!"

Well guess what MORONS?? THESE GAMES ARE NOT FOR KIDS!! Violent & sexually explicit video games are no less adult then X rated porno! If the goverment would stop acting like a bunch of 2 year olds & agree to introduce an adult rating for video games then we wouldn't have an issue. But no, they have a common misconception that only people from agers 6 to 10 play video game & are not confident that kids won't be able to get ahold of adult games. It's upto the parents to decide what their child is mature enough to play & Just because 1 person doesn't agree, they think everyone else should suffer aswell.

MAKE RETAILERS INFORCE THE DAM CLASSIFICATION LAWS! Why can you keep X RATED porno from kids but you can't do the same with games? If retailers fail to comply with the law then dish out tougher penaltys. Not to mention the fact that the system is totally stupid, all 8 attorney generals have to agree to change the classification laws! 8 people out of 20 million get to decide what everyone else gets to play. Along with that you have 6 or so people in an office watching movie after movie, playing game after game also deciding what you can & can't watch, hear, see & play! These people are known as censors or the OFLC.

Not to mention the fact, the goverment only seems to listen to those who agree only with the goverment itself, everyone else isn't really payed the same respect. So bascially, if you don't hold the same opinion as the goverment then you don't matter.

But in the long run, It's upto the parents! stop blamming games & movies because you're a poor excuse for a parent! Take an active role in you're childs life & shut up!

A kid goes into a store with mum & asks for an MA rated game, mum gets it without even looking at the game. Then when her child has nightmares & goes on a shooting sprey, she goes crazy & trys to shutdown Rockstar(Game developer).

She starts blamming societys problems on video games. She blames everyone but herself. Despite the fact she was the one who purchased the game & failed to take note of the games rating & content.

So PLEASE sign & ensure you're freedom as an Australian!

We, the undersigned, wish to ensure our freedom as Australians by helping to introduce an adult rating for video games!

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