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Tiffaney Rose Adkins's, is my neighbor, her dogs were constantly neglected & At-Large. Despite my complaints & fears that these Two Great Dane Dogs were a nuisance & posed a threat to my safety Animal Control never issued any Citations, much less made any official reports/records of my complaints, on several occasions the Officers caught the dogs & put them back into Tiffaney's yard for her, then fed & watered them. Tiffaney was “verbally” warned to vaccinate her dogs.

On July 11, 2012 my worst nightmare came true when Tiffaney's Dogs dug under my fence during the night to lay in wait for my morning ritual. I ran for a shovel to close the large hole Tiffaney Adkins's dogs had dug,, but before I could get back, the Great Dane had returned through the hole & grabbed another Yorkie.

I dropped my shovel, as I slid onto my knees & tried to grab my Yorkie, she screamed in pain & distress from the Great Dane’s teeth that were lodged in the back her neck as he tired to crawl backwards through his entrance hole. We became at the Great Dane’s mercy as I engaged in a tug-of -war, between me & the Great Dane, to gain possession of my Yorkie. Out of fear of the Great Dane’s heightened aggressive growling, of being, bitten myself & realizing Little Peanut had stopped struggling & gone limp in my grip; I had no choice but let him have her lifeless little body.

Within a matter of minutes Two Yorkies were viciously slaughtered, then dragged into Tiffaney's yard to be eaten. You can read the whole story on our Google Blog.

The vicious slaughter of my pets did not occur as a fluke or simply by accident. It was bound to happen due to LACK of “Reasonable Diligence" on the part of Tiffaney Adkins & LACK of “Due Diligence” by Mohave County AZ Animal Control Officers.

Tiffaney Adkins is charge with 2 counts of Misdemeanor 2; no dog license & 1 charge of Restitution although 2 Yorkies were killed. Restitution is a limp meager charge as we have to prove our Yorkies worth (pain & suffering are not part of the law). No amount of money will ever be enough to stop me from pursuing stricter DOG LAWS & sentencing.

We are now constantly dragged through the Court System in a fight for Justice as Tiffaney continues to use a Public Defender to Plead “Not Guilty”. Although she is being prosecuted by the State, ludicrous plea bargains are on the table. Animal Control did mention that they had been out on previous complaints in the report when our Dogs were killed. This Crime could have been prevented.

Every State has "Aggressive Dog OWNER Laws" So no matter where you are from your voice counts. We are not asking you for money -We are asking you to SHARE- this important message with your family, friends, & wider networks.


DO NOT CONDEMN THE DOG - PROSECUTE THE OWNERs - Dogs who kill is "NOT" BREED SPECIFIC. In all cases it is the Owners who cause a dog to go wild.

NO gray area to Pet Ownership, it’s Black & White. Either love & care for pets like family OR NOT & they become neglected. OWNERS in a Gray Area discard pets daily at Animal Shelters.

Careful training for mental stability & diligent management of a dog’s environment helps keep dogs from acting wild. When people are unable, unwilling, or unaware, kills & injuries to humans or other pets become too common.

Owners are responsible for a dog’s actions, beginning with selecting dogs we are capable of controlling. Tiffaney’s transgressions & unwillingness to get her dogs under control, resulted in the FATAL attacks on my pets

A protection dog is highly “trained” & responds to commands of its handler, NOT left to run amuck. At-Large neglected dogs become aggressive & are dangerous; they are unpredictable & uncontrollable.

It is a proven that any dog that goes so wild as to attack, kill & eat another pet has the propensity to attack humans & most likely children

Your Votes & Support are vital as we fight for stricter Law enforcement

1)"Aggressive Dog Owner Responsibility Laws"

2)"Landlord Pays if Tenant's Dog Attacks Someone or another Pet. (just passed in California)

3) Animal Control Officers must keep a LOG of complaint, calls & actions taken in the event the situation escalates. These may be necessary in court.

With these Laws on the books: Responsible Citizens can force Counties/Cities to take action against the Owners/Landlords BEFORE a TRAGEDY occurs.

If Responsible Pet owners do not Speak up Nothing will change.

Every State has "Aggressive Dog Owner Responsibility Laws"

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