#Human Rights

On Good Friday 1963 in JA. The P.M. Alexander Bustamante issued a statement which was meant to eliminate ALL Rastas from Jamaica. "Bring in All Rastas dead or Alive, what the prisons can't hol the Jail or cemetery will: Shoot first and ask questions later..." This was the beginning of ethnic cleansing in Ja which continues today.

Up until 1990 Rastafarian children were not allowed an education in JA. They were barred from entering any schools or colleges, Adults from places of employment. Today things are not much changed in JA for the Rastafarians, thousands have been killed and are being killed all over the Caribbean since the speech by the First P.M. of the Caribbean!.This speech influenced generations of Caribbean islanders and led to the beginning of citizens persecuted for originally their way of life, yet always for wearing LOCKS on their heads.

Amnesty International would do well to assist People of this Culture and way of life who are persecuted and marginalised wherever there are Jamaican citizens. This deep rooted prejudice by the society over generations has caused Rastafari abroad to refrain from visiting Jamaica and thus the Elders of Rastafari are largely without care or support from their immediate carers and certainly NOT from the Government of Jamaica, even today.Despite the apparent popularity of the hairstyle among singers,the Elders remain forgotten.

The Elders of Rastafari have suffered and are still suffering the abuse and lack of care as the elderly will testify anywhere on the globe but these 200 Registered for the Adoption programme are all skilled and joyful to share their love with anyone who has an idea of the fact that they nearly dead so we can dread (wear dreadlocks hairstyles today!) ADOPT AN ELDER.

They were brutalised for a hairstyle and their Religion. HOW LONG? ADOPT AN ELDER GET IN TOUCH WITH Empress Menen Foundation@yahoo.co.uk

We petition to improve the Quality of Life of The Rastafari Elders of Jamaica.

We ask for access to welfare care and help from the Rastafari world wide and The Government and Leaders of Jamaica,the land where ethnic cleansing began in 1963 and continues today.

Please sign to Agree to Adopt and Improve the lives of The Elders of Rastafari.

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