#Local Government
Collingwood Ontario and Area Residents

In 2005, after the Simcoe County Board of Education received no interest from
any government agencies or municipal governments, the Admiral Senior Public
School was considered surplus and put out for competitive bid.

In 2005, two Collingwood businessmen were the successful bidders for the
property. After an exhaustive environmental and architectural review the
building was determined to be both environmentally and structurally unsafe and
needed to be torn down.

Following the Planning Act process the developers obtained the following; a demolition permit,
proper rezoning of the property, a comprehensive historical impact study and
finally an approved site plan in November of 2006. The project was being tendered
and ready for construction starting in the spring of 2007.

Meanwhile, a new town council was elected and took office in January 2007.
The newly elected Mayor and several elected councillors were endorsed during
the election by a special interest group who adamantly opposed the Admiral

In a unprecedented motion, the newly elected Mayor introduced a motion to
rescind the site plan and the Historical Impact Study. This motion narrowly
passed by a 5 to 3 margin effectively reversing all the approvals granted by the
previous council.

By revoking the approval of the project, a significant breach of promise has
occurred. Businesses now thinking of relocating or expanding in Collingwood will
be skeptical that an unstable local council can rescind prior approved building
permits based upon the whims of a special interest group.

Petition to Collingwood Town Council:

We the undersigned hereby request that the Collingwood Council support the
Admiral Place and Admiral’s Village Developments. It is our opinion that the
overwhelming majority of full time Collingwood residents want this development to move forward.

We believe that Council needs to recognize the enormous economic and lifestyle impact this development will have in our community.

Finally we do not believe Council should be wasting hundreds of thousands of
our tax dollars in fighting the development at the OMB that was already
approved by previous staff and Council. We ask you our elected representatives
to stand up for the rights of the silent majority and support this development

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