#Local Government
Harnett County Sheriff's Department
United States of America

January 7, 2006

This petition directs its attention to a history of false police reports that have been filed against citizens residing in the Tradewind community.

On numerous occasions, Maria Jebos who resides at 205 Tradewind, Spring Lake, NC 28390 has willfully with the intent to harm and discredit tradewind residents has been permitted to file false police reports that has lead to attorney fees and community disruption.

The below petition is to be provided to the County Sheriff for the Harnett County Sheriff's Department.

We, the residents of the Tradewind community expect the Harnett County Sheriff's Department to react to this petition on false and misleading police reports given by Maria jebos residing at 205 Tradewind, Spring Lake, NC 28390. We achknowledge her right to file a complaint with the Sheriff's Department, however, we do expect the Harnett County Sheriff's Department is use reasonable judgement in her submissions based on her historical practices within this community.

This action is needed by the residents of Tradewinds as well as the Harnett County Sheriff's Department to stop the willful harrasment of law abiding citizens within this community.

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