Residentss of BC

BC government continues to cancel funding for social housing units. BC government introduced new welfare rules cutting benefits to many and creating punitive barriers to those needing welfare. Yet welfare rates are 25% lower than in 1995, once inflation is factored in.

The three biggest factors for homelessness:

* The Federal Govt. pulling out of an "annual" social housing program.

*Provincial barriers to accessing welfare and welfare rates that don't meet basic needs.

*The loss of affordable rental housing due to redevelopment.

And do you know who is in charge of this in BC?
Rich Coleman.
And do you know what Mr. Coleman did before becoming a politician?
He was in Real Estate! He knows the value of the land and likes development, no matter who suffers in the face of progress!

Voice Your Demand For:

More city, provincial and federally funding Social Housing.

Increases to welfare and minimum wage rates.

All neighbourhood density increases to provide Social or Rent-Geared-To-Income housing.

Poverty is the single greatest cause of homelessness!

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