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Realtors are only given FBI background checks. First, local law enforcement does not always submit records to FBI, contrary to popular beliefs. Second, credit checks are not done on realtors so you can have a realtor who has over $10,000 in delinquent loans. Third, evictions are also not checked on realtors.

If a realtor doesn't have his/her financial house in order do you really expect them to do due diligence in selling or helping you purchase a home?

This petition to get the state to increase the background checks for all realtors including currently licensed realtors and if they fail his/her license is revoked.

Florida Residents' Request that the legislature toughens Realtor Background Checks:

1. Pass a local law enforcement check.

2. Credit history with a minimum credit score of 620.

3. Have no evictions on his or her records.

in order to obtain a realtor license.

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