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Hi my name is Marie Ghella,

I am from South Boston, Ma., I was born and raised here. I am in dire need of some help from our Governor. Over the past 10 years there have been many families who have lost loved ones because of the disease of drug addiction and alcoholism. If that wasn't bad enough, we now have a drug epidemic with fatal results in South Boston, Dorchester, Quincy, and many of the surrounding towns, Heroin is killing our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and our children.

Babies are going to grow up never knowing their parents, parents are having to live without their children, No parent should ever have to bury their child.

If we go by Mass ave in boston on any given day of the week, you will see that there are so many addicts walking around like zombies. This is just a normal thing to do for the sick and suffering out there on the streets. People notice them and stay quiet .The sad part of that is they do take videos of people barely standing up almost falling to the ground and then post them on social media. That doesn't help anyone.

Our elected officials have promised to make a change for addicts and families and as of today there have been no changes made. The only thing that has changed is the number of lives that have been taken. I pray to god that we can make a change,It is time for us to stand up and do something for our families. It has to start today.The change has to start with us. I know this disgusting disease on an intimate level. I am a recovery addict.

The key word is recovering, ADDICTS LIVES MATTER, we need help... I would never wish this heartache and pain upon anyone, but the sad truth is we are all affected by this and share the same nightmare we are burying family members on a daily basis. I lost my younger sister 2 years ago from Heroin and most recently on May 20th my best friend Darlene lost her son Michael he was only 33 yrs. old. She had gotten up for work that morning Darlene went into his bedroom and found him on his bed Heroin had taken him. What a devastating sight for a mom to find her baby, her first born chid in a state like that. Michael left behind a 12 year old little boy.

Now Mikie will never get the chance to play baseball with his dad again.I am asking our Governor, Charlie Baker to please help us save our kids. Without your help they will not have a fighting chance. DO SOMETHING!

ADDICTS LIVES MATTER: Please sign this petition to ask our Governor Charlie Baker to step up and do something.

Stop heroin, It is killing our families.

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