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The Stimulas package is loaded with Pork including Planned Parent Hood, and 500 Billion Dollars for undetermined. Meanwhile, Social security recipients, both retirement and disability, are hurting. Most can't afford their medicine. Many choose between medicine, food, or Rent and utilities. With the Corona19 virus they are most subceptable to catching and succumbing to the deadly virus. Some disabled can't afford to even go to the grocery store even with money. Think about it... 500 million and millions in pork. Surely we can afford to add the low income SSI and Said to this Bill. They said help for every American. Are these folks not American? Please sign and share..Thank you.

We the undersigned call on the POTUS, Congress, and the general Stimulus voters to include the SSI and Said recipients to be included in the relief Stimulus package. We are Americans too.

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The Add the SSI and SSI Disability to Stimulas .. Throw out PPH petition to POTUS and Reps was written by Dennis Hicks and is in the category Government at GoPetition.