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John Avalos - District 11
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My name is Samantha Hoeg. I am a San Francisco native living in the Excelsior District of San Francisco. I have lived in this neighborhood for most of my life and it has been obvious for years that many people driving through this area drive at excessively high speeds whipping over the many hills making this neighborhood dangerous for pedestrians, children at play and the many dogs that occupy this community. It is also a short walk to Mclaren Park, the largest park in the city and a popular park to take your dog out for its afternoon walk.

One week ago a lady from this neighborhood lost her dog to a hit and run on the corner of Vienna and Avalon, where there is no stop sign. There is no reason to be driving that fast just because you can through these areas! Avalon is one of the steepest hills in the Excelsior District with the "right away" allowing drivers to exceed unnecessary speeds. One week later, today January 25th, yet again a dog was killed by a high speed driver in front of my house, 126 Vienna street at about 10:30 am. I had to witness as my neighbor run over to pick up his dead pet.

Yes we, as dog owners, should practice more caution keeping our dogs on leashes, but having more speed restriction on at least Vienna and Avalon will only prevent more of these unnecessary tragedies from occurring. Are we going to wait until it is a small child of the neighborhood that falls victim to this?

Please help us make the Excelsior District a safer place for all its residents, both human and animal alike.

We the undersigned residents of the Excelsior District of San Francisco, and friends! call on John Avalos, District Leader to improve the safety of the community by the addition of speed bumps on Avalon and Vienna street to restrict excessive speed by passing drivers. Save our Doggies!

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