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Commuters on the route 5 coridor from Brandywine to Surrates Road
United States of America

We the commuters who travel route 5 in Southern MD to get to and from work request that the powers that be begin plans on expanding the lanes from Brandywine to Surrattes Road.

The commute to and from Southern MD by way of route 5 continues to worsen. Drivers from Lexington Park to La Plata Maryland and beyond are left wondering why? Why am I just sitting in one of two possible lanes when there appears to be ample from for three?

Why can’t they pave over the grass and add additional lanes? The population in Charles County alone has ballooned to an estimated 150,000 but state and local official have done nothing to alleviate a congested and outdated and yes unsafe roadway.

I should not say that they (State and local officials) have done nothing. They have managed to allow developers to build on a multitude of sites which should have a positive impact on the residence in this region. But having additional shopping and restaurant options should not come at the price of wasted time. And time is what we all are wasting, sitting in a straw meant for drinking water when a straw for drinking a Slurpee is needed.

The goal of this petition is to simply get as many signatures as possible and force the powers that be to act by starting on road improvements that center around creating additional lanes on route 5. This act alone will get the commuters out of their cars and in to some of these new stores that we are happy to have.

Best of all it will allow moms, dads and children to spend more time together.

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