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Preservatives KILL! Or do they? This is a debate that has been going on for decades. Now a days, everyone will agree there are some preservatives that can be very dangerous, such as TBHQ and Sodium Nitrate both causing server health issues in high amounts.

The government realises this so they put a non-dangerous limit to how much can be used in our foods. This way the product that we are eating cannot be dangerous because it has a non-dangerous amount of the specific preservatives!

The government has taken a responsible step into dealing with preservatives in our food. Although there are limits to these dangerous additives there is no way of knowing how much is consumed based on multiple products containing the same preservative.

Currently the best way to add it up is by visiting http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/securit/addit/list/11-preserv-conserv-eng.php and assuming that if the preservative is on the ingredients list than the maximum legal limit is the amount being used! Nobody has the time to do this and it is inaccurate!

Preservatives and additives that are in our food should be added to nutrition fact sheets in the same measurements used for the legal maximums these companies are already forced to follow (P.P.M.).

We, the undersigned, call on Health Canada to add preservatives and additives to Nutrition Fact sheets in parts per million.

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