#Neighborhood Living
City Council Members & Parks and Recreation Commissioners - City of Mountain View, CA
United States of America

This petition to expand community gardens in Mountain View is sponsored by current community gardeners, who have been working closely with the Parks and Recreation Division to better manage the operations of the existing Willowgate Community Garden at Andsbury Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043.

The petition will close end of day Tuesday 01/14/2014.

Please contact any of the following for more information
- Judy Levy [ judy@levyconsulting.net (650)868-0315 ]
- Marci Fein [ marciafein@pacbell.net ]
- Kieran Gonsalves [ goagonsalves@yahoo.com (650)224-1827 ]

Ten socio-economic benefits of community gardens:

1• Community gardens allow people to grow ethnic and traditional crops otherwise unavailable locally (for example Goji berries, Ethiopian collard, Indian tree spinach).

2• Community gardens increase a sense of community ownership and stewardship which in turn develops community identity and spirit. Community gardens are great places to host social and cultural events, helping to strengthen local communities.

3• Community gardens provide a place to retreat from the noise and commotion of urban environments. Exposure to green space reduces stress and increases a sense of wellness and belonging - a welcome benefit in the heart of 24x7 non-stop Silicon Valley culture.

4• Community gardens take advantage of the experience of Master Gardeners to spread science based gardening knowledge in the Community.

5• Community gardens donate thousands of pounds of fresh produce to food pantries that provide food security and alleviate malnutrition and hunger.

6• Studies have shown that community gardeners and their children eat healthier diets, with more fruit and vegetables, than do non-gardening families. One study estimated that community gardeners saved between $75 and $380 in food costs every season.

7• Development and maintenance of garden space is less expensive than that of parkland due to reduced labor costs.

8• Community gardens have been shown to actually increase property values in the immediate vicinity where they are located.

9• Besides being a great way to exercise, gardening motivates people to stay active longer than other activities.

10• Producing food locally greatly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation of food, eliminates 50% spoilage due to delays in getting food to consumer, eliminates wasteful packaging and refrigeration while providing all the nutrients of garden fresh produce.

PS: For details of scientific studies that support the above visit http://www.gardeningmatters.org/sites/default/files/Multiple%20Benefits_2012.pdf

As residents of the City of Mountain View, CA, we the undersigned, strongly urge the Parks and Recreation Commissioners, along with the Council Members of the City of Mountain View, CA, to create additional community gardens as a matter of priority, including using the land at 771 Rengstorff Avenue, Mountain View, CA, for community gardens.

Mountain View residents who lack access to cultivable land are denied the nutritional and socio-economic benefits of community gardens, some of which are listed in the preamble.

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