Special Olympics of Wisconsin
United States of America

There is a special bond between horse and riders. This is true for anyone who rides but or those who are have an Intellectual Disability (ID) this bond can literally change lives.

There is a need and desire for Special Olympics of Wisconsin to add Equestrian to their list of sports. Our neighboring states offer Equestrian but Wisconsin currently does not.

In the past, Wisconsin did offer equestrian however they discontinued because of low numbers of athletes. Things have changes in Wisconsin. Now there are a large number of therapeutic stables in Wisconsin and they provide great therapy for many individuals. Their outreach to the state is wonderful. Many sponsor annual events that offer a time when riders can participate together, yet there is not one place where all stables could compete together. Special Olympics can be that place.

In the past there have been request for Special Olympics to offer equestrian. There is a need in this state and there are parents, caregivers, therapist and stables who want to see events offered. We will be heard.

After being told by Wisconsin Special Olympics: “we are experiencing a difficult financial time and are not moving forward with the addition of new sports to our program.” And “at this time we need to put the resources in terms of staff time and budget toward the existing sports within our program that involve the greatest number of athletes. For that reason we will not be moving forward with the addition of equestrian events.”

We will not take “No” for an answer.

Therefore, we the undersigned, request that Special Olympics of Wisconsin add equestrian to their list of offered sports.

We also want to offer our support.

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