It's long past time that Netflix satisfies our desires to be able to stream Dragon Ball Z. By not streaming this legendary series Netflix is depriving today's youth of the opportunity to learn of the epic adventures of Universe 6's greatest hero, Goku. His selflessness, and heroics, should not go unseen.

Goku isn't alone in his fight against evil in the galaxy. There noble efforts of all the Z Fighters should be learned, and appreciated by all. Any men who save the galaxy the number of times these brave warriors have should be recognized; and not only recognized, but immortalized.

We can never forget the sacrifice made by the Namekian warrior Piccolo, who after the death of Goku performed fatherly duties to a child that wasn't his. Raising Son Gohan to be a strong fighter, and one of Earth's most valuable defenders.
Nor shall we forget the sacrifice of Vegeta. A man who was once a villian found love on our planet; fathering a son, Trunks, and loving his woman, Bulma. He stood toe to toe with Majin Buu knowing that it meant certain death.

The list could go on for days. The point is that without Netflix streaming this series it is depriving some individuals from watching and learning of these amazing warriors who have saved our lives countless times.

The series that should be streamed should be the original Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z. Not Dragon Ball Z Kai, not Dragon Ball Super. The people of today need the unfiltered version. They need to know of the sacrifice, hard work, determination, and love for all things good that these soldiers endured.

With the looming loss of all Marvel related shows Netflix will need to fill a void. Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z can fill the void more than any other series out there.

We, the undersigned, call for Netflix to review our request, and begin streaming Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z as soon as possible.

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