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Children’s music is one of the fastest growing music genres in the United States and is defined as music composed and performed for children. An artist can use any type of music genre to make children’s music, with the only criteria being that the music must be for children. This means that with hundreds of music genres in the world, children’s music can come in all styles.

However, today’s children’s music scene in the United States is dominated by children’s artists who play rock, pop, country and folk music. These genres, while open to anyone, generally caters to the majority white community. This includes most children’s music radio stations, as well. But, by doing so, they do not speak to the children in the black or urban communities because this group typically listens to other genres of music.

The top five music genres in the black community are R&B, gospel, hip-hop, rap and smooth jazz. While there are children’s artists who fall in one or more of these categories, they do not receive the same exposure or recognition via radio, television or award programs as their counterparts who play rock, pop or country music for children.

Currently, none of the award shows that honors people of color recognize artists in the children's music genre, including the NAACP Image Awards. On the other hand, both the Grammy's and the Latin Grammy's have a category to honor the Best Children's Album of the year.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, are respectfully requesting, through this friendly appeal, that you include a children's music category as one of your award categories in your future award programs. This will help give more visibility to the important work being done by children artists of color for our children and provide more artists with an incentive to becoming a children's music artist. It will also let our children know that they, too, are a valuable part of our community.

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