#Animal Rights
The White House
United States of America

Animal Rights, Protection and Welfare is not even a subject on the White House's contact list of national concerns.

This is a glaring omission to voters who care about animals; their treatment is very high on our list of national priorities.

We, the undersigned, urge that 'Animal Protection' be added to the White House's dropdown list of subjects on its contact email to President Obama.

We, who are committed to Animal Rights, Welfare and Rescue, see this as a glaring oversight. It sends the message that animals are not even a consideration on our government's agenda.

Animals don't vote, but we do and both parties should made aware that we are a growing and highly committed segment of the population.

Animals matter to us, whether they are in our homes, in shelters, on farms, in laboratories or in forests. We have many concerns we need to voice to the White House on their behalf.

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