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One day when I went to Roblox website, I play one of the games which my brother ( he is 14 years old ) reccomend me to play. When I play that particular game, I saw blood and guns which reminds me like a game from Halo 3 and found people did violence after playing that game. Even though most games are quite scary and too violent for younger players such as 10 years old children, Roblox didn't put any age game ratings and when I interviewed some players who played that particular game me and my brother were playing, most of them were 10 years olds whom plays violent games even though it looks too violent for them. Please sign the petition to make Roblox a better and a family and user friendly game to play with

I, the undersigned, call on Roblox to put age game rating on all Roblox games. Therefore, I will make Roblox a family and user friendly game to play with.

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