#Consumer Affairs
Adam Teuma

My father bought coins from Adam Teuma in January 2012 on eBay. Adam is from Melbourne, Victoria.

The deal was for 21+ kg of silver and other coins. The silver content was to be 10+ kg.

When delivered the weight was at least 0.73 kg of silver coins short when weighed at mint. Moreover, less than 15% of the "silver weight" was sterling (so the coins included were on average low quality).

The total metal delivered was 19.72 kg, well short of the minimum 21 + kg promised.

On a valuation basis my father calculates he has lost about $1500 on the deal.

After contacting Adam, he agreed to settle the dispute by the July 16, 2012. He did not settle.

This petition will stay active until $800 is paid to my father.

We, the undersigned, petition Adam Teuma to do the right thing and pay Mr Pope a sum of $800 in settlement because of Mr. Tuema's reckless activity on ebay in selling under-weight items on e-bay.

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