#Civil Rights
Adam Bandt, Greens MP

We, the undersigned Australians, have great concerns about the Australian government’s record on human rights. We note here that your support for this minority government is very crucial. Without your support, the government would collapse.

We have great concerns about the government’s proposal to amend Migration Act to enable the government deporting asylum seekers arriving by boats to any other third country. We believe that such move will be very detrimental precedent. Even countries with very poor record on human rights did not dare to take such step.

We believe that you and your Greens party will be responsible if these legislations will pass through the Australian parliament. We know that you have greater power and responsibilities than just to vote against them in the parliament.

We believe that it is the time for you to withdraw (or at least threaten to withdraw) your crucial support for such deeply regressive government.

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